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Fermax UK Projects: Solutions for reference constructions in London

27 February, 2018

Throughout more than 65 years, Fermax has become the benchmark for many architects, developers and contractors around the world. London is a good example. Do you want to discover some of Fermax reference projects in this cosmopolitan city?

Why should I install DUOX in my project?

31 January, 2018

If you are asking this question, it is synonymous that you are a step closer to entering in the the future residential and commercial communications. Perhaps you may not be yet fully aware of the opportunities that DUOX door entry technology can...

DUOX:  Why is it the best door entry system for installers?

31 January, 2018

Can you imagine a communication system that can be installed in different types of existing cables and supported by any connection? It really exists! It's DUOX by FERMAX!

How to choose the best electric lock release depending on the door type

31 January, 2018

Aluminum, iron, wrought iron, antipanic... Today there are several types of doors. Each door has its particular features and functionalities. Many people consider that a high quality and high priced door is equivalent to more security. But what...

Which are the best electric locks for the entrance gate in the building?

27 December, 2017

The entrance doorway to a property is the place where most of attempted robberies start. According to many reports, if the burglar did not succeed in breaking the lock within a few minutes, he gives up.

Welcome InfoTECH! Access all the Technical Documentation in just a click

30 November, 2017

Are you wasting time searching among large technical documents databases? Do you want to find quickly and easily all the technical information about FERMAX door entry systems and access control solutions in one place?  If your answer is YES,...

How to improve the accessibility in the building with OneToOne

09 November, 2017

Technological advances help to make our daily life much more easier and even simpler. But is the advanced technology available to everyone? We become aware about the physical barriers that difficult the accessibility into the buildings to some...

PHOTOCALLER: a security extra in the home from DUOX door entry systems

08 November, 2017

The digitalisation has also reached the residential and commercial building sector.  Now there are new applications to improving the security in both residences or buildings. DUOX, the digital technology for the home communications from FERMAX,...

Electric door lock: the solution to avoid dangers in the building

27 September, 2017

In the night, lots of residential buildings lock the general entrance door with the traditional key because of the insecurity in some areas or the increase of robberies. Is locking the door the best security solution for a community or a building?

Access Control Systems: Are they secure?

27 September, 2017

Some areas in a building, residential complex or a company must be restricted because of security reasons, allowing the access only to those authorised people.