Advantages of video door entry systems for residential buildings

08 March, 2017

What should we choose for our project? A door phone or a video door entry monitor? The telephone is the most cost-effective option for a construction project, but the performance of a video door entry system is much better.  In which side is the balance leaning?


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Many of the end-users only conceptualize the idea of having a video door entry system in a building for the comfort that it offers. A door entry monitor is comfortable, but the safety it offers is the most important function. See who is calling and deciding whether or not to open the door is a great advantage.

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Without any doubt, it is the most requested feature by homeowners. In addition, a door entry monitor allows to control what happens around us. Let's see more advantages of a video door system in a residential building.

The video door entry system defines the quality of the building

Does your construction’s project transmit quality? Many of the building’s elements are not visible in a construction. The first impression we get of something is what we see, therefore the importance of the design used in a video door entry system. The equipment selected for the building must be visually attractive with a particularly elaborated design. It should transmit the quality of a great brand.


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It is well known by users that a door phone is the most cost-effective option. When a buyer finds a door entry telephone in a building, he may think that the quality of the construction is not the best. Investing in the visible aspects of is a sign that the building has the best qualities.

Maximum quality: what we see, what we hear

A complete digitalisation of data in a video door entry system gives us a maximum quality in two fundamental aspects: audio and video. Which advantages does a full digital video door monitor have? Annoying interferences and poor image quality are left behind thank to the complete digitalisation.

There is no doubt that the video transmission of the door entry monitors has improved significantly. The quality is more superior but, in addition, the image angle has also improved. It is possible to have a greater visual field due to the wide-angle camera that allows to obtain clear images in low brightness situations.


Security as the most competitive advantage

Another aspect that generates a great advantage and that undoubtedly is the most important is the security provided by a video system. By installing a video door entry monitor at home we have total control of what is happening in our surroundings without need that someone calls to the outdoor panel. It is possible to auto-start the camera from the interior of the home. So, if we hear a strange noise or we want simply to watch what happens outside at any time, now it is possible.

05VeoEl_monitor_impresicindible_de_Fermax-mailVEO Door Entry Monitor

Moreover, we can see what happens from different points of views. Because some video door systems offer the option to connect complementary cameras to monitor other places of the residence, such as the garage or common facilities.

With FERMAX you don´t need to choose between audio and video door entry system.

Does your building or project offer different qualities? With DUOX by Fermax, every user, every home can choose the quality desired. It is not necessary to have a universal solution for the entire project. With DUOX you can offer greater flexibility to each neighbor.

DUOX is the most technologically advanced system on the market, fully digital, allowing quick installation with only two non-polarised wires. As well as offering a fully digital transmission, it also permits each homeowner to decide which equipment wants to install in the home, a door telephone or a monitor. In case the user changes its mind, he can change the device whenever he wish without asking the neighbors.

There are so many advantages when it is about a video door system in the building. It is the starting point for further improvements in the domestic communications and it guarantees more security. On the other hand, end users have a very positive opinion of the video system, since having it in the living room transmits a better image regarding the quality of the building.

Cannot decide what is the best for your construction project? Make end users decide what they want in the home. With DUOX, they can also replace the door phone with a monitor whenever they want.

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