Errors that ruin your technical specifications

21 March, 2017

Well-designed technical specifications can be the best guarantee for the quality of our building. Thanks to them, we can be sure that a developer follows the quality expectations we have. But what happens if we do not do the technical specifications correctly? We undoubtedly jeopardize the results of our project.

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In this post, we will see which are the most common mistakes when it comes to developing technical specifications and we will put the focus on how to avoid these errors.

One of the most common mistakes when writing technical specifications that cause many confusions is to talk about information not available or to give incomplete information. When we make this mistake, we create confusion and we do not facilitate the work of the developer since it is difficult to find a product that actually complies with our request.

With no doubt, it is best to write technical specifications referring to a specific product. In this way, we make sure that we list the features and performance required while remaining realistic. Manufacturers are definitely the ones who can help on creating technical specifications since they are those who know the product best and all its capacities.

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Another of the most frequent errors at the time of elaborating technical specifications is to deliver incomplete information, either by omission or simply by ignorance. We must be very precise when listing the characteristics that must have a product or system. It is the only way to make sure that it fulfills everything we need and that the developer really follows our specifications without opting for a more economical option or with lower quality or performance.

If we offer incomplete information in our technical specifications, there is a risk that the developer opts for a lower quality or performance option"

We talked about how important it is to declare in the technical specifications the values and benefits of the products or systems, since not doing so we are exposing the products to conditions of inadequate operation. For example, in aspects like the resistance to different temperatures or waterproof protection.

The attention to all the details in our technical specifications will be what really makes the difference in the outcome of our building.

The attention to details in our technical specifications will be what really makes the difference in the outcome of our building. We must examine each product specifically and understand which benefits we need from each of them in all situations. It is a laborious job but it is worth. Contacting manufacturers can help us to achieving the best results. Manufacturers or suppliers are the perfect allies. Their knowledge of the product and the sector makes possible to have perfect technical specifications without having to invest lots of time.

In a construction project there are many elements to worry about. Writing technical specifications will be much easier when relying on well-known brands which have a great trajectory.


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