LYNX: A management system without limits

23 March, 2017

LYNX, the new management system that is easily extendible, allowing to manage communication, security and comfort in residential or commercial buildings, starting from a single-family home, to medium and large buildings and condominiums, without limits.

Which features does LYNX have? Low difficulty, high performance

Thanks to its configuration via SD card, the installation of LYNX system is easy and simple. There is no need of specific training. There are other aspects that further facilitate this installation and programming of the devices: the point-to-point network structure allows an independent operation, all managed by a central server. 

LYNX is a combination of the most advanced technology based on TCP/IP protocols, design and product engineering with the needs of system integrators, real estate developers and tenants. A technology developed by FERMAX which is compatible with home automation systems, allowing an efficient control and automation of different home services.

"LYNX lets you manage an unlimited number of door entry monitors, channels for
conversations and data transmission."

The new generation of LYNX, the technology of Fermax based on TCP/IP protocols, allows to manage an unlimited number of door entry monitors, channels for conversations and data transmission through the installation. It is a system capable of providing unlimited distances between different installation points.


One 57 building in Central Park integrate LYNX by FERMAX

Integration with other systems

LYNX provides total freedom through solutions that adapt to other existing home automation technologies and systems, by generating synergy through unlimited solutions. In addition, it allows integration, interaction and compatibility with other systems. 

"LYNX makes possible the integration, interaction and compatibility with other systems."

With LYNX it is also possible to enjoy the home automation in the residence through the VIVO door entry monitor of Fermax.  The combinations of systems allow to control home automation solutions for home.  


A user-friendly IP System

LYNX residential management software allows to manage communication and security of buildings in an intuitive way. Its use is adaptable through the PC touch screen, the mouse and a conventional keyboard.

This integrated software facilitates the control of the system. It also provides other multiple services: lift control, communication between apartments, messaging service…

Another useful feature of the LYNX residential control software is its versatility. It offers three user profiles and three different modes. It can be adapted to any needs at any particular time.

Three user profiles we can work with are:

  • Installer: allows to adjust and configure the installation parameters and run functionality tests.
  • Administrator: allows to adjust options, create and delete accounts.
  • Concierge: operation in regular mode.

As we have already mentioned, the LYNX property management unit system offers different operating modes. The first of these is the full-service in which every call from the outdoor entry panel to an apartment are filtered through an assigned central station.

Another function is to giving service to the home; calls can be done directly to the apartment or to the central station.

Finally, within this central management system we also find a third mode: out of service. Thanks to this mode, we can forward calls when the concierge is absent so that another person can attend them.

LITE: LYNX Basic residential managment software

Don’t you need so many features? LITE is the essential functionalities version of the LYNX Property Management Unit. This version allows the installation of LYNX from the installer's own PC, as well as the management of the contact’s list. No more difficulties than necessary. It is the essential residential management, only the fundamental features.

As you have read, LYNX management system permits to planning and programming large residential or commercial installations. It is an unlimited system, easy to install and simple to manage. Without doubt, it stands out for its extensibility and adaptability, as well as its possibilities of integration with home automation and access control systems. LYNX is a safe bet to get a solid and effective communication project. Without limits. Without difficulties.

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