Intercom challenges in a building complex: how to face them

17 February, 2017

The three main intercommunication challenges that must be taken into consideration when installing an audio or video door entry system in a property development composed of several buildings are interconnectivity, distance and the intercom system itself.

intercomunication building complex Fermax Project

The wiring between these types of constructions is usually underground which leads to problems arising with other services such as the power lines or other high power sources such as pumps and generators.

One of the biggest concerns when installing this type of wiring into place is the large distances that can be involved in these building’s complexes. Fermax developed the DUOX system, which is a completely digital technology in 2 non-polarised wires. DUOX is not affected by any kind of interference during installation and it can be used in practically any type of project. In an average project, the height of a building could be up to 200 metres, meaning that in a project which involves a few large buildings, the wiring can be several kilometres long. So how can we avoid wiring and communication problems? Regenerators can be a simple approach to deal with these cases.

“The wiring between different buildings is often underground, which brings with it problems for other services”

What is the biggest challenge when it comes intercommunicating buildings in the same development?

Some of the biggest issues to overcome are the long distances, the number of outdoor panels and any already existing wiring. Without a doubt, however, the main challenge for many builders or real estate developers is to find a system which offers the best performance at a reasonable price, which uses the most economical wiring, and at the same time, the system is functional and aesthetically attractive for end-users. Furthermore, it is important to consider which type of system will be installed (audio or video) and to analyse the costs of each optionDUOX is the solutions standing apart from the crowd when it comes to the issues mentioned above. 

The full digital system by Fermax can deal with installations involving long distances without requiring intervention at every outdoor panel. It can even use the existing wiring if it is still in good condition. Moreover, the system is flexible, meaning that the user can decide between an indoor audio or video station. If user initially decides to install a telephone, then it’s possible to switch to a video door entry monitor.

 “For many real estate developers or builders, the biggest challenge is to find a system which offers the best performance for a reasonable price”

Other issues which must be addressed include the number of door entry panels needed, the type of panels (with a digital keypad and display, with a keypad or simple pushbuttons), if a guard unit is necessary, the number of floors, the number of apartments per floor, the type of telephone or monitor needed and the dimensions of the screen. If the wiring is already in place, then we would also need to know the layout of the wiring and what type of cable has been used as well as the distance from the panel to the furthest apartment in each building.


Intercom installations at large building’s complexes are always complex and specialised. It is important to have a reliable, professional and experienced supplier who will help carry out the installation with ease.   A supplier which is used to work at these kinds of projects will be able to provide the necessary technical support if required, at any time from the planning of the project up to the building’s maintenance.

Another alternative by FERMAX: LYNX, a TCP/IP based system which can reach great heights

Huge real estate developments are not something which should be taken lightly. Not just any intercom system can be used in such large buildings which have a high number of interconnections and many residents. In this kind of projects, we are not only faced with the large number of storeys (which almost reaches the heavens...) but also various access points that must be connected one to another.

Fermax LYNX system, which is based on TCP/IP protocols, is ideal for large residential and commercial complexes. This is why this IP technology is installed in great projects such as One57 in New York (135 homes), One The Elephant in London (284 homes), Tiara Residences in Dubai (644 homes)  and at Poly International Plaza in China (1,604 homes).

intercomunication building complex Fermax Project

Kerry Habitat (Qinhuang Island, China) uses the Fermax LYNX system

Using the LYNX IP System we can facilitate communication throughout a building or a residential complex, but it is also possible to turn on lights and security systems across the building, limit access with our systems or even call the lift using the video door entry monitor.  There is a property management unit system which means that communication, security and comfort can be managed across the buildings in an intuitive way, while also developing the functions of a concierge and the system configuration.

Due to the TCP/IP technology, LYNX has a practically infinite capacity when it comes to the number of terminals which can be managed, and can operate over practically infinite distances from one side of the installation to the other, similarly the number of channels which can be used to communicate or to transmit data is not limited either. LYNX is a system which has definitely shown itself to be the cream of the crop, being used in the most famous and iconic real estate developments across the world.