Every day, it becomes increasingly common for us to find businesses with access control solutions. The considerable usefulness of these types of systems has led many businesses to opt for them so as to have greater control over who can gain access to their facilities and provide convenience to various users. Business access control may be merely interesting to some companies, but for others, it is absolutely vital. When is it necessary to incorporate such systems? What advantages do they have?

Key-free access

Keys can be very inconvenient for a business. For a start, there are companies to be found where, for security reasons, many doors are locked via key. The use of a key for each individual door can be very inconvenient for employees.  With a door access system, they could gain access with a simple code, or with a single fob or card.

“Keys present a security problem for companies.”

Keys can also present a security problem for a company. What if an employee were to lose his or her key? All the locks to which that key granted access would have to be changed, or the security of those facilities could be compromised. With door access control, this problem disappears. When a user employs the use a numeric code to gain access, that employee is not responsible for a key that could potentially be lost. If a proximity card should go missing, it is a simple matter of disabling that device to block access.

Access Control Systems Business

Different access rights for each employee

There are some companies where employees do not have access to certain rooms or areas. For example, in a laboratory it could be dangerous to allow access to unauthorised personnel. You may also see fit to warrant only specific staff members entry to a machinery room, a production line or a room containing confidential documents

"With these systems, we will be able to decide when and where staff can enter."

Thanks to an access control system, access privileges can be granted to employees as needed, without their having to carry multiple different keys around. Door access control allows for not only the individual, but also the collective management of access rights. For example, allowing only maintenance department members to enter a machinery room.

Access Control Systems Business

Access rights are configurable not only in terms of which door they open. It is also possible to decide at what times employees may enter the premises. It may be that some team members are not allowed access during unsupervised hours. With this system, this is under our control.


Control entry and exit schedules

In many cases, businesses take an interest in using access control systems to control the entry and exit timetables for the company’s staff. This is due to companies being obliged to keep daily records of the hours worked by each employee.

“Access control helps us to make our workforce aware of the importance of punctuality.” 

These installations are perfect for companies where punctuality is highly important, or those where supervisors experience difficulty controlling the rotas of each employee. Alongside granting the capacity to monitor entry and exit times, these types of system also help to make staff aware of the importance of punctuality.

Greater control of employees

As we have seen previously, access control can help to inform us of the times when our employees are in our offices. But it also makes it possible to control other aspects. Some systems will allow us to know who was in a room at the time of a specific event. They will also give us information as to how many employees are present in a specific place at any given moment. For example, the number of people who need to be on guard duty. Access control also allows us to have more information about security personnel rounds. This is because it can confirm whether those staff members have passed by a certain point, and at what time.  

Access Control Systems Business

Accessibility in every sense

People with different abilities may also see many benefits to having access controls. With this system, we can make our facilities accessible to people with reduced mobility. In some instances, we can automatically detect an individual and have the door open for them.

Businesses are increasingly attracted by door control systems on account of all the security and control benefits they offer. It is becoming increasingly common to encounter clients who want to integrate these kinds of solutions into their companies. Knowing how to perform this type of installation can be a very interesting line of business for technical professionals. Would you like to know more about access control? Download our guide to learn about the various systems and methods of identification, and to find out how to advise your clients on which type of door control is best for their needs.