An audio or a video door entry system is an essential security element in any building or home. There is no doubt that security is an important key when it comes to choose a door entry system. At the same time, it is also important to choose a door entry device that fits into the needs of the end-user. 

In order to select an audio or a video door entry system, we should know the features and functionalities that meet our requirements. At this point, check if you want a communicaiton system with image or advanced functions, or a basic or essential option is enough for your needs. This decision depends on the security level you are looking for and the comfort you desire in the home. Which aspects you should consider when it is about choosing a door entry system? 

 Interaction system: only voice or video & voice? 

This is the first question we should do before choosing a door entry system: What we want? Audio or video? 

VEO door entry monitor

If you are looking for an essential communication system, and you or your client don't have a special interest about increasing the security of the building or in the home, maybe a voice system (only audio) is enough. The audio door entry system is composed by an outdoor panel plus the telephone in the home. This type of installation can be analogue or digital. 

But, if you want to add extra-security to the door entry system, the perfect selection is the door entry monitor. The video door entry systems have an audiovisual communication system that include a camera in the outdoor panel, and a monitor as indoor solution for homes or businesses. The video door entry system allows to see who is calling to the door and see what's going on outside the  building or the house without receiving a call.  The most advanced video door entry systems use digital technologies like DUOX.  


Additional functions in the door entry system 

The technology used in the door entry electronic devices, both audio or video, evolution constantly. Now it is possible to have more sophisticated monitors that improve the comfort and security of the people. Currently there are door entry systems that allow to add accessories and additional functionalities with the most advanced features. Some monitors of Fermax can integrate access control solutions, CCTV, home automation solutions or lift control among others. There are video door entry solutions in which incorporate video surveillance camera, save images and audio notes, call the lift and even manage the home automation of homes or facilities, as  for example, WIT Monitors from Fermax.


"Some monitors allow the integration of access control, video surveillance
and home automation solutions in the door entry system" 

When it comes to choose an outdoor panel for the exterior of a home or a building, a very important feature is the quality of materials and the night vision. There different types of door entry panels: made of anodised aluminium or stainless steel panels.

The luminosity must be also considered, as this functions will allow to view the outdoor images with more quality during the night or in spaces with poor light conditions and increase the security. Fermax outdoor panels have an automatic lighting system for the night vision.  

Vision_Nocturna_Videoporteros_Fermax.jpgSkyline outdoor panel

A door entry system has so many applications and functions as well as opening doors. Researching on supplier web as you can see all the functionalities of door entry panels, telephones or monitors, that make life easier and safer. When you have to choose a door entry solution for your project or your building, take some time to find out the additional features to make the most of the installation


Outdoors: How many doors or accesses there are in the building?

Another important point to be considered when choosing a door entry system is the number of accesses there will be in the installation or how many doors will be opened. This aspect is directly related to the security level in the building or in the home. An electronic door entry system allow to open one or two accesses independently. But it is also possible to find double opening systems, that permit to open more than one lock releases as independent elements. 


Indoor: Installing more than one monitor in the interior? 

The installation of an access control offers more comfort, as for example, in the case of homes with more than one floor or in offices or businesses. Remember that it is possible to connect more than one monitor in the door entry system.


In offices it is especially  interesting to incorporate a second monitor to opening the door.

Door Entry Solutions that combine design, technology and security

When you have to choose a door entry system is important to consider 4 main aspects: Design, durability of the materials, comfort and technology. Nowadays we can find extra-flat monitors with cutting-edge design and high-tech solutions. It is also important to make the door entry system fit in the interior design.  The door entry system must be easy to use for end-users.

To find the right  audio or video door entry system for a home, a building or a business, we must see all the different point we have seen throughout this post. Our door entry system can offer more functionalities than just opening the door. It is possible to supply building projects with more communication, comfort and security. What do you prefer? Audio or video? Telephone or monitor?  Discover Fermax solutions by just a click here.