Home automation is a set of techniques that serve to automate a home. It is the latest technological trend in the home management, allowing to automate, control and monitor efficiently multiple devices in the home. Today, the highlight in the market are the integrations between IP video door entry systems and home automation.

Videoporteros IP y domotica

The home automation integrates four types of services: energy management, comfort, security systems and communications.

From the IP video door entry monitors, it is it is possible to manage completely automated devices installed in the residence. Moreover, the management is done easily. If you want to monitor the devices remotely, it is also possible from a  smartphones. This advantage makes possible to integrate communications, security and comfort systems in a single device.

There is the preconceived idea that home automation is expensive and that is difficult to maintain. However, a home automation installation represents approximately the 1% of the property total price. The benefits that entails the modernisation of a property are, as for example; the possibility to saving up to 26% in energy consumption. Thus the home automation becomes a positive investment.

IP video door entry systems and home automation is the perfect connection of well-being in home

The three main aspects the IP system from Fermax

MEET by FERMAX is a 100% IP systems able to integrate with third-party home automation servers. It is possible install in the monitors third-party APPs, previously certified by Fermax. The 10" WIT Monitor for example is specially recommended for projects including Home Automation integration.



WIT Monitors from MEET by FERMAX


The best experiences when it comes to home intercommunication

The user experience is the perception that a user has according to a set of factors and elements, mainly referring to the design of the applications. The main integrated functions in the user interface and the practical possibilities that the IP video door entry systems have for the user.

The integrated functions previously installed in the door entry system are similar to the design and interface of a smartphone. Even so, Fermax IP monitors are compatible with other services, so you can install other Apps. In general, IP monitors present the following features:

  • OSD logical interactive menus on all devices
  • Standard intuitive interaction icons
  • Selectable tones for each notification
  • Touchscreeen
  • Monitor status LEDs
  • System management via computer

If your aim is to implement a system that improve the efficiency of house while providing an optimal level of security, an IP video door entry system integrated with home automation is your best solution.