IP video door entry systems: a profitable investment for real estate promotions

21 May, 2018

IP video door entry systems are the perfect solution for those who want to have a security system at any moment, when they are out of home. IP systems offer comfort by offering a system that allows to answer a call without having to move to the monitor or the door phone. To make the right decision on which video door entry system to use for your project, it is necessary to keep in mind certain criteria.

videoportero IP de Fermax en Reino UnidoProject Tapestry Building in London with IP video door entry systems by Fermax

Each brand of IP video door entry systems has its own particularities and differences. LYNX by Fermax It's the most advanced system for the management of communication, safety and comfort of residential complexes, and it is highlighted among the market alternatives. IP video door entry systems, and in particular, LYNX by Fermax, respond to the clear tendency to integrate security services and comfort solutions a single device.

- 8 differences between digital and IP video door entry systems - 

Quality, design and high performance

LYNX by FERMAX is present in the most innovative projects around the world.  It is true that an IP video door entry device has many functionalities to make the home more comfortable and secure. Even so, before installing this type of systems, it is important to know everything about them. 

The main advantage provided by IP systems and LYNX by FERMAX is the possiblity to have high range indoor terminals, which offer a greater number of functionalities and a better material’s quality on the materials used in the manufacturing. 

On the other hand, the price range of the IP devices is superior to other systems terminals. That might be a brake on some construction projects.  Although the LYNX product range and the installation is a greater investment, LYNX allows to save costs in the project, reducing the wiring required, the workforce timing for the integration and the amortisation of the expenses per number of apartments.

27_Le Nouvel KLCC- Proyects-Malasya-Intercom-design.png
Le Nouvel KLCC (Kuala Lumpur) iincludes the VIVO monitor form Fermax with IP technology

IP video door entry systems can be integrated with IP recorders, home automation systems and other applications. It allows complete control and improves the security and efficiency in the home. We do not only talk about buildings, also the technology is for single-family homes.

For the installation of an IP system, we will also need technicians trained on this type of facilities. To overcome this challenge, the role of the supplier is essential. The power supply in IP technology is done via Ethernet, meaning that the arrangement of the devices, characterised by their firmness and resistance, is simplified. 

IP video door entry systems by Fermax in leading architecture projects

IP video door entry systems are especially cost-effective in large building projects and high standards projects. In addition, the high-end design of LYNX products is perfect for the most challenging architectures and the latest trends in interior design.


Victory 5 (San Petersburgo), arquitectura de lujo con videoportero IP de Fermax

IP video door entry devices (outdoor panels and indoor devices as telephones or monitors) related to LYNX are manufactured with durable materials and exclusive design. The purified, simple and elegant features presents a neat finish that combined with the property style.

A profitable investment for real estate promotions

In general, this system lowers the installation costs, allowing for a greater versatility and improving the quality of data (VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol). These advantages positions the IP video door entry system as one of the best technological options in the market due to its innovation and quality

In our case, we provide an IP system with high range devices that allow the incorporation of additional functionalities to a residential community. The technology has multiple advantages because of the quality in materials and advances in connectivity, making possible to reduces costs in large building projects.

IP video door entry systems are especially cost-effective in large building projects and high standards projects. It's perfect for projects that require integration with home automation, access control, video surveillance or high-end solutions.


Foto: Pxhere.com

The importance of personalization in a real estate project

One of the highlights of LYNX system is the power of customisable features that respond to the particular needs of each resident. Besides, the IP video door entry systems are the evolution of the digital ones, according to the present communication technologies.

Upcoming generations of video door entry systems users are demanding modern and innovative services according to their digital needs.

The video door entry technology moves forward alongside the changes in telecommunications and social habits: mainly from the desire of the people to have more comfort, security and innovation. LYNX allows for a customisable configuration. Thus each project is unique and adjusted to the real needs of each residence or community



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